Veterinary Technician Associate


A BS in biology, animal science, or a related field is required. Prior experience in the veterinary field is not required. This is a position ideal for pre-veterinary students or those who intend to pursue a higher level of education in biology or related areas. The ideal candidate is responsible, driven, has a keen interest in animal science, and a strong desire to succeed professionally. Must be able to work in a volatile, high-stress, and non-consistent schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in exam rooms by getting weight, temperature and brief history. Restrain animals during exam. Enter charges and sets up invoice. Prepare any needed prescriptions. Do routine suture removals, nail trims, and weight checks.
  • Basic client education, including puppy/kitten care, heartworm and nutrition.
  • Assist with morning rotations of animals in kennel. Make sure all animals get needed medication. Treat routine surgical patients.
  • Maintain any treatments requested by doctor. Enter all services rendered into computer systems. Have supplies prepared for exams and appointments.
  • Run fecal, heartworm tests, urinalysis, Giaridia snap tests, Lyme test, and FeLV/FIV tests as needed. Monitor lab supplies and have all forms and tubes labeled for any scheduled blood work.
  • After blood has been drawn, spin down and wrap up in form. Order lab supplies, as needed.
  • Monitor pets in hospital, be sure they are comfortable and clean. Clean cages as needed. Oversee kennel duties..
  • Perform and assist in dental procedures.
  • Assist in taking, developing and maintaining x-rays as needed.
  •  Maintain animal records by recording all conversations with clients and any work done.
  •  Work closely with doctors and follow up on additional work needed.
  •  Anticipate medications that need to be sent home with pet and count pills and prepare labels. Prepare animals for surgery.
  • Prepare all necessary instruments and equipment needed for surgery.
  •  Prepare anesthetic according to pet’s weight and needs. Have anesthetic machine and trach tube ready, if needed.
  • Assist in surgery.
  • Assist with the operation of the anesthetic machine.
  • Clean up animals following surgery, give injections as needed.
  • Clean and sterilize all instruments, drapes and equipment used.
  • Keep log of all surgeries done.
  • Maintain all anesthetic machines, autoclave, and other equipment used in surgery. Prepare surgery packs and cut surgery drapes.
  • Assist with the dog walking, cage cleaning and general hospital cleaning.
  • After the clients leave the exam room, the table should be cleaned and the room made ready for the next client.
  • Admit and release boarders.
  • Administer effective inventory control, which includes maintenance of adequate supplies, ordering, negotiation of best prices, unpack boxes and check-off packing lists, and stock and store.
  • Help keep hospital clean and orderly.
  • Perform any other duties requested by the doctor or practice manager.

Compensation and Benefits

Above average salary.

Full time employees are also eligible for 2 weeks of paid vacation each year, Individual Health and Dental insurance (80% of premiums paid by Randolph Animal Hospital), 401K Plan, Long Term Disability, Flexible Medical and Dependent Care Plan, and Continuing Education reimbursement.