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Have you ever wondered why animal shelters always spay or neuter any pet surrendered to them? Primarily, it’s because they want to be sure that the pet will never contribute to the homeless pet population. However, spaying and neutering often make for a better pet. Learn about the advantages of spaying and neutering from Randolph Animal Hospital in Randolph, MA.

Longer Lives

Studies show that a spay and neuter operation by a veterinarian may be one of the best ways to prolong a pet’s life. A major study in 2013 by the University of Georgia on 70,000 pets noted that the average lifespan of a spayed or neutered dog was nine years and four months, but the average lifespan of a dog left entire was only seven years and nine months. Another 2013 study by Banfield Pet Hospitals done on cats showed similar findings.

Healthier Pets

dog spay and neuter

So, why do neutered pets live longer? One reason is that neutered pets no longer risk getting cancer of the reproductive organs. Another is that neutered pets do not get into fights with other animals over mates. When pets look for mates, they escape from home and roam, making them likely to get hit by traffic or injured in other ways.

Better Behavior

Unaltered animals instinctively want to be in charge. This can make males in particular very aggressive. Spaying and neutering make a pet not feel a need to rule the roost. Spayed and neutered pets pay more attention to what their owners do. This makes them more willing to be trained. Although neutering may make a pet more trainable and less aggressive, it does not make a profound change to the pet’s basic personality.

Other Benefits

Neutered pets and their owners enjoy other perks. Most pet boarding facilities will not allow entire pets. Many doggy daycares will only allow spayed or neutered dogs to play with other dogs. Some landlords will require that all tenants spay or neuter their dogs or cats. If male kittens are neutered before they are six months old, they do not get into the habit of spraying.

Not Just for Dogs and Cats

Other pets can be spayed or neutered by a veterinarian including ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs. This prevents unwanted litters from being born. Rabbits and guinea pigs do better when living with at least one other of their kind. By spaying and neutering your pets, you can allow your pet to have a companion without dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

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