Wellness Exams

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Annual Pet Wellness Exam at Randolph Animal Hospital

Your pet is an important part of your family. Whether you have a dog or a cat, it’s necessary to provide him with the best veterinary care possible. Getting a dog or cat annual wellness exam is an important part of making sure your pet enjoys a long, healthy life. At Randolph Animal Hospital in Randolph, MA, we provide pets with a high-quality annual pet exam. There are several important reasons why your pet should receive an annual pet wellness exam.

A Wellness Exam Detects Serious Disease

Regular preventative care plays a crucial role in keeping your pet healthy. The earlier any type of disease or health condition is caught, the better the chance of providing successful treatment and returning to full health. A veterinarian can conduct a physical exam as well as blood tests or x-rays when necessary. Everything from arthritis to heart disease and diabetes can potentially affect your pet. An annual pet exam not only detects physical and medical issues but behavioral changes that may negatively affect your pet’s health. 

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Annual Pet Exams Even Detect Subtle Changes

Even if your pet is young and healthy, a yearly exam is still important. Sometimes a small change, such as weight loss or gain, will go unnoticed by a pet owner. Slight changes in weight can affect a pet’s health over time. Being a few pounds overweight can cause damage to a cat or dog’s joints and bones. Teeth and gums are another area where subtle changes can go unnoticed, yet cause serious problems after a few years.

How Often Does My Pet Need a Wellness Exam?

From age two to approximately seven or eight, your pet will need an exam once a year. During the first year or two of life, pets need to see a vet more often to receive all the vaccinations they need as well as to make sure they’re developing and growing at a healthy pace. Once pets are in their senior years, it is often recommended that they have wellness exams more often. A vet can tell you how often your pet needs to be examined.

Why Choose Randolph Animal Hospital for Your Pet’s Annual Pet Exam?

At Randolph Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of services including wellness exams, senior care, dental care, and emergency and surgical services. We also provide boarding services. We have several veterinarians who can provide qualified and compassionate care for your pet and our facility is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Contact us at Randolph Animal Hospital in Randolph, MA to schedule an appointment today.